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AD/HD Succes! Solutions for boosting self-esteem

  • Editorial: CPS Publishing
  • Autor: K. Bellak-Adams
  • ISBN: 9780615227436
  • Edición:

AD/HD Success! is a hands-on, practical workbook for children and adolescents who need to overcome some of the challenges that are frequently encountered in those with AD/HD. Developed for ages 7 to 17, this one-of-a-kind resource provides motivational tools that are designed to boost self-esteem, influence positive attitudes and behaviors, and help kids achieve their full potential.


Written by AD/HD expert Kerin Bellak-Adams, this easy-to-follow guide encourages parent and teacher involvement. It features more than 50 reproducible diary pages, inquisitive prompts, self-esteem logs, parent and child questionnaires, and even an online home/school daily accountability sheet. Parents will benefit from valuable insights into their children s thoughts and feelings while enhancing communication both within the family unit and with school professionals. Teachers, school psychologists, and clinical practitioners will find practical applications for working with children on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting. Kids will discover the value of focusing on what s most important while establishing what they do right every day! The continued acknowledgement and reinforcement of positive outlooks and improved behaviors encourages kids to flourish.

This invaluable workbook also includes the must-know basics of AD/HD, the four practical steps to boosting self-esteem, step-by-step guidelines for maintaining self-esteem and behavioral growth, student AD/HD success stories, AD/HD role models, and much more. By completing the thoughtful, constructive exercises in AD/HD Success!, children will learn time-management skills, develop accountability, increase self-control, and become aware of untapped strengths putting them on the path to lifelong success!

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