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Gentle Teaching: A Philosophy of Life for a Culture of Peace

  • Editorial: Upekkha
  • Autor: Sylvia M. Fernández-Colorado
  • ISBN: 9781517106065
  • Edición: 1ra, Dr. John McGee

"The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others, remain as your legacy." John McGee

We all need to go back to our roots, to appreciating our human side, to caring more for each other, and how we are all interconnected. This book offers the reader inspirational personal stories from people of 6 different countries about how Gentle Teaching has positively influenced their lives regardless their culture, language or race. It is our hope that you get more enthused to read about Gentle Teaching so that it can be of benefit to you and those around you as well. We are all gentle teachers, we just need to reach deep into our hearts in order to admire the peace and love we all carry within ourselves so that we can begin to share it. Get involved and join our GT Family so that we can all play together and start to plan for a miracle!


About the author:
Sylvia has been learning and teaching all her life! She has finished two doctorate degrees, one in Clinical Psychology and one in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She also has several Certifications: Addiction Prevention, Human Sexuality, Life Coach and of course Gentle Teaching Mentor by Dr. John McGee himself. As assistant to Dr. McGee for two years and as monitor for the Federal Civil Case 99-1435 in Puerto Rico (USA vs. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico) defending the civil rights of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Puerto Rico she has had a life changing experience. 

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