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The Four Gatekeepers at the Palace of Liberation

  • Editorial: Yoga Research Foundation
  • Autor: Swami Jyotirmayananda
  • ISBN: 0934664498
  • Edición: 1ra Edicion, 2004

The discussion of the Four Gatekeepers at the Palace of Liberation in this booklet is drawn from Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda’s lectures on Yoga Vasistha at his ashram in Miami, Florida. Swamiji uses illustrations, examples, parables, and his all-pervasive wit and humor to convey great spiritual truths so that they make an indelible impression on the mind and remove doubts and misconceptions.

Careful reflection on these teachings of Yoga Vasistha can bring a complete transformation in the human personality. This teaching nourishes the soul and awakens a yearning for freedom and an exquisite peace unknown before.


In the Srimad Bhagavad Gita Sri Krishna tells us in his dialogue with Arjuna about the staircase that leads down to the three gates of hell: kama (desire), krodha (anger) and lobha (greed) (Gita 16:21). Viewing the same subject from a positive perspective, the great scripture Yoga Vasistha introduces us to the four gates to “heaven” -the Vedantic Palace of Liberation. As Sage Vasistha commences his teachings to enlighten Rama, he tells Rama that the Palace of Liberation has four gates. The gatekeepers at these gates are shama (serenity), santosh (contentment), satsanga (good association) and vichar (spiritual inquiry. In order to enter this Palace, one must befriend at least one of the gatekeepers-and then friendship with the others will automatically unfold.)

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