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Practical Ethics for Psychologists: A Positive Approach

  • Editorial: APA
  • Autor: Samuel J. Knapp
  • ISBN: 9781433811746
  • Edición: 2nd Edition, 2012


Ethical behavior involves much more than avoiding being sanctioned by a disciplinary body. For psychologists, being ethical is also a positive goal that involves striving to reach one's highest ethical ideals.

Guided by the APA Ethics Code, amended in 2010, the authors provide short sketches illustrating the standards that psychologists must follow. In addition, they emphasize how psychologists can actualize their personal values and ethical acumen in their daily work.

Psychologists are shown a variety of ways to reach this goal:

-by attending to their emotional well-being

-by using the five-step decision making model presented in this book

-by using risk reduction strategies in difficult cases

-by basing their professional conduct on overarching ethical values

This second edition features new material on the positive impact of continuing education programs; consideration of emotional problems and non-rational decision making on professional competence; and discussion of the challenges of delivering psychological services using electronic media.

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